Together again 2016

So one year, I met Abby and Carey (names have been changed to protect the innocent), through Laverah who organized for a weekend bash in Montreal prior to Abby’s wedding. We met again for Abby’s wedding (in Mass) then for Carey’s wedding (St Lucia). I’ll digress for a second. I flew to St Lucia for Carey’s wedding and missed the wedding because American Airlines, the POS airline that it is, broke down, had an unscheduled landing and I missed my connection. I don’t remember ever being so angry in my life! 

Anyway, the team reconvened again four and a half years later in New York City. We were joined by party planner Michelle, Nadine and Mz Skillz. 

It was HHHUUUUUUGGGEE! Everyone at some point needs to experience Comedy Cellar in the village. A little bit racist (not the comedians, but the staff). They said we were too loud every 2 minutes. Apparently only our table was laughing out loud!? Yes, the black girls at the back. Anyway, make sure you get a picture taken under the fat black pussy cat, then walk 7 blocks to Webster hall in heels and negotiate down a $30 fee to $5. I mean, it’s Webster Hall….$30… Really???

For out of towners, you should experience getting your picture taken in Times Square under that big TV screen. We don’t know where the pictures go…but at minimum, they make it to Facebook. After a Lunch at Bubba Gumps (yeah I know…we did that) nothing like the adrenalin rush of riding the subway back home when you know you’ll be late for dinner ( with reservations).   

Thankfully, Matteo manned the shower schedule and we made it there just 10 minutes late.   

Let’s just say….I love you girls and thank you very much for making this happen for me! I feel so special. I do anytime someone goes through TSA or tolls or on a New York subway to see me! My only regret is that I never got to “Get my Bridzilla” on because you guys are too awesome and I was having too much fun. I still have time for that…..


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