I said YES!

It was one of the biggest and easiest decisions that I’ve had to make. The day started relatively normal for us. We were crashing at a friend’s house in Paris (yes that normal) and we had a lazy start. Alex left us a lots of breakfast so we ate in and after the usual extensive conversation of what we were going to do for the day, we settled on Montmartre as a starting point, and walking through Paris for the rest of the day. I was explicitly told to put everything I needed for the day on the bed and he would pack it in the day pack himself. The reason being that I’m a “disaster” and it would avoid stuff being haphazardly thrown everything not really new behavior in our relationship. The day was gorgeous – for Europe – I could even see the sun.

We meandered through Montmartre, visited Sacre Coeur, hung out at the steps in true tourist fashion before making the walk down to the city. I was “allowed” to look at shops and do some casual shopping without Matteo getting suffering from shopping-induced anaphylaxis. I should’ve figured it out  then…. However, our little road took us to Gallerie Lafayette where we admired the ceiling (it is that what you would call gorgeousness) and spent some time basking in the sun on the rooftop. At some point I pulled him to a jewelry store and pointed to some ring that was 72K euros and I was like – holy crap – what the hell?! So he started explaining the possible reasons like clarity and whatever other reason that could cause a diamond to cost 72K. Even then I thought maybe he just knows stuff (as usual). For someone that was suggesting he should buy me a ring – I knew very little about them…apparently.

We lunched at some cafe that re-inforced my ambivalence for French food. I heard that they feed fat to duck/geese whatever poor creature through the beak with a tube so that they have a fatty liver so they can flaunt the Foie gras they are so famous for. Really?

Marseille_Paris2015 6890We meandered towards the Eiffel Tower and dined at a French restaurant in a less touristy area close to the tower. At 10pm we walked out the restaurant to catch the hourly bling bling of the Tower lights. We missed it by a few minutes…and since I had seen this before, I thought we could just go home. He managed to convince me to stay for the 11 pm bling. Of course – awesome girlfriend that I was – I agreed to hang around in sub-optimal temperature (22 Celcius) and watch crazy people hanging out in the park.

At 11pm I got my camera out and started taking pictures when he said – “I need to ask you something, look at me”. I think that’s the first time I suspected….

“Voui sposarmi?” he asked.

I understood what that mean since I knew “sposare” is  “to marry”. But I said – “are you serious?” and then can you say that in English so I know what Im saying yes to….

Now the hard part. The wedding is in Zimbabwe.



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