Berlin – where the hell am I?

After Barcelona was Berlin. Just some background. I’ve been asked before if moving from Zimbabwe to the US was a cultural shock. My response was always – No, idiot, why would that be a cultural shock? I can tell you that after the moves of Zimbabwe – Boston MA – Connecticut – Vienna, Austria. The most shocking had been Boston to Danbury Area in CT. After going to Berlin, I thought that if I had moved from Zimbabwe to Berlin, that would have been a major non survivable culture shock.Visiting Berlin was quite shocking. Ok, after experiencing¬†the Germaness of Austria (its true – don’t fight it), Munich, Ulm, Frankfurt – going to Berlin felt like I was in a completely different country. There was nothing German about Berlin.

Top 5 things of my visit:

Berlin is dark

The history is dark, the trains have dimmed lighting, the streetlights are not bright and in it all, you are walking through graffitied alleys. We booked by Airbnb. The instructions were that we would collect the keys at the Internet cafe in the neighborhood. Our names would be our password and we would make our way this house. It was like I was in a post-apocalyptic city where the atmosphere was rigged for anarchy.

Berlin is kinda ugly

There is no beauty in Berlin. It’s chaotic, as in messy. Drunk people everywhere all day. Maybe I didn’t go to the right places, but the “street art”, which by the way I am a fan off, is just ugly. Beautiful historical buildings had graffiti on them. Clean that shit up.

No-one speaks German in Berlin

OK, thats an exaggeration, but everyone was comfortable speaking English – unlike the rest of the country, who get aggressively offended if they have to come up with a sentence in a language that’s more helpful. Most English was spoken with a rather perfect American accent. It was usually unclear whether they were Americans or people that had travelled to America. How can I say I’m in Germany if I can’t get pissed off about their resistance to learning English?

City character is hard to define

Is it “anarchist punk”? The whole city. This does come with really lively underground culture and I was happy to get an opportunity to see an Improv show. Well it wasn’t really improv since the background was defined, but close. It may have taken the bad parts of most cities and the good bits and shoved them all in one city. The train system works very well, relatively inexpensive and seems to go where you need it to, however, the trains don’t run so frequently. OK OK OK, I get it, I’m in Vienna, so I’ve been horribly spoiled.

Touristically convenient

Airport to city is relatively easy. The food is very cosmopolitan and can be inexpensive. The wait staff are American style…sort off, so friendly (fake or not, who cares – just don’t give me attitude unless the food is free).

Berlin 1720

Remains of the Berlin wall, East Gallery

Berlin 1706

At East Gallery, Berlin

Berlin 1420

Alexander Platz

Berlin 1719

Berlin wall (East Gallery)

Berlin 1715

Berlin Wall, East Gallery

Berlin 1709

Berlin Wall, East Gallery

Berlin 1689


Berlin 1685

Back Alley entrance to the Improv show

Berlin 1624

Pull cart in an inner courtyard

Berlin 1576

Gaedachtniskirche, remains of the church bombed during the war

Berlin 1451

Brandenburg Gate, at least they ship German looking people in

Berlin 1654

Statue new Alexanderplatz. In the background, you can see the pink “sump pipes” the deswamp Berlin

Berlin 1512

Part of the Berlin wall in Potsdamer Platz

Berlin 1623

A red umbrella

Berlin 1750

Location of wall marked by metal pipes also showing the location of a tunnel

Berlin 1741

Checkpoint Charlie

Berlin 1686


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