Korean Food and an Italian Pornstar

These two things typically should not have anything in common, but in this post, they do. We were out at a Korean restaurant with a group of workmates. Just for background – the group is mostly made up of hardcore scientists. Not that this will explain anything.

It started with Bambi who apparently dies at the beginning of the book. In the US, someone heard that a Parent Teacher Association wanted to change the story so that Bambi’s grandmother dies at the end. Talking about sad children’s movies, Lion King was also sad. But apparently this is not relevant because it was only copied from the Jungle Book. Even though the kid in the Jungle Book is human and Simba is a lion, the premise of an orphaned boy is the same, just different species. Like Oliver Twist who came before the Jungle Book. So the Jungle Book copied Oliver Twist. In the end, there are only seven stories that can be told. Some disagreed and said there was only one – the circle of life. Take Cicciolina. She went from extreme pornstar to extreme politician. But that’s Italy. What does one expect?


Cicciolina (Illona Staller)

In the group there was an Austrian guy who decided that his GI tract went straight from esophagus to colon. Skipped all 10 meters in the middle. Maybe it’s an Austrian/Viennese thing, that’s why the don’t get fat from eating Wiener Schnitzel. This guy also said his cholesterol went down since he left the U.S. and returned to Austria, and he didn’t remember eating different. The group deduced he was missing parts of his intestine so food was not digested, which doesn’t actually explain the high cholesterol from American food.

We moved to pick-up lines. The classic and non classic ones:

Would you like some chips?
I’ve lost my number can I borrow yours?
Your father must’ve been a thief, he stole the stars from the heavens and put them in your eyes
I have two irons at home, can I show you how to use them?

We skipped many topics of course. From laws of attraction to how to lose a wedding ring, inscriptions  on wedding rings, Lord of the Rings (one ring to rule them all) and ended with Antonio Banderas.

While all this was happening, we ate Korean Food.


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