12 week Crash Tour – Cesky Krumlov

My days are numbered in Vienna. All of a sudden, I realize that there are a lot of places that I would like to visit. So here begins the 12 week Europe crash tour.

1 March is a special day in my life and I decided to celebrate outside of Vienna. The location was a well selected town/village (I never know in this place) in Czech Republic. The original idea was to go to Prague and I was outvoted on that one because the only reason I picked Prague was there is a clothing store there I like that doesn’t exist in most European countries or the US. Apparently shopping is not a good reason to select a destination.

Cesky Krumlov is in southern Bohemia. I can now say that I have actually been to Bohemia. I didn’t realize this until I got there. I was expecting Bohemia to have “gipsies”. Can I say this? I learned that I was in the home of amazing beer. Unfortunately, I don’t drink beer. Totally bad luck since it only cost about $1 for half a litre (16oz). Taste x price makes it “amazing”.

I was somewhat disappointed by the food. It lacked some imagination and definitely color. There was no red or orange or even green on any plate. Well red cabbage. But I stop there. Cabbage, stewed meat and dumplings. I had pizza the first night. But if beef stews is what you’re into, then most of Europe is where you need to be. Ok. The US has burgers, but there are a thousand ways you can do a burger. With goulash – I haven’t seen a goulash menu with variations. I was alone with this opinion though since boyfriend ate Bohemian with great pleasure all weekend.

Cesky Krumlov 252

Cesky Krumlov 251

Cesky Krumlov 598

Cesky Krumlov 597Cesky Krumlov 475

Cesky Krumlov 306

Cesky Krumlov 280

Cesky Krumlov 260




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