14 February – Empty chairs at empty tables

There is a soundtrack to almost anything. As I was straightening out the debris left by  the movers, I thought of the most depressing song ever “Empty chairs and empty tables” sung by Marius in Les Mis. My version would say at some point:

“Oh my friends, my friends, I ask you,

How can you live when I am gone”

Don’t answer that. I know the answer – the same way you lived before you knew me. Perfectly fine. But my stuff is gone. Gone, baby, gone.


My stuff is gone…..

February is not exactly the best time to pack up and move. But it happened. Thanks to my neighbours John and Ken who helped me clear the feets of snow. Its great when your neighbors know you to be a pain in the neck – they expect you to ask for “oh my goodness, I’m a girl and its snowing” – type of help. There is a list of things I didn’t think of clearly and ended up being packed up:

  • Wine opener
  • Running shoes. I am supposed to be training for Vienna Marathon relay (6 km) so I have a perfect excuse now. Although I’ve been told by my future boss that he thinks I am resourceful enough to get anything done if I wanted to (Re: being stuck in Dominican Republic at the beach for an extra week). So he may not buy that I couldn’t train.
  • Camera (my big one) – the first of two things I would consider rescuing in a fire
  • Desktop computer – the second of two things I would consider rescuing in a fire
  • Spare set of car keys (were in some handbag)
  • Going to work clothes. This will mean some serious creativity for the remaining 15 days I will actually be at work.

No #19 Chair. I cant work anymore. Like at all. I have no chair and working on couch is not ergonomically acceptable

I make the natural assumption that my stuff will get there. I was told that as long as I don’t put it on the titanic, I should be fine.

Still hasn’t sunk in that I am leaving…still in denial. Even with the stuff gone, I envision a scenario where they just ship it back because….no idea.


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