7 February – Spiral of life

I was born on the 7th of February.


Alex and Ani bracelet I was given as a gift for my birthday. The crown mean I think love rules. Well, that’s my interpretation anyway.

Thirty-six years old is the Thursday of the Thirties. After Wednesday, you are pretty much spiraling..downwards e.g. with focus, attentiveness. OK, not after Wednesday, that happens on Monday too. Anyway, at thirty-six, I feel I am high-speed spiraling down to 40. And I suddenly feel old. I think 40 is old. I don’t know how people who are forty wake up in the morning knowing that soon they will be fifty. Half a century. I’m suddenly faced with my mortality. I’m one person to never want to live forever. I look at these teeny boppers and I feel sorry for them in their jeggings, Uggs, Northface fleeces, iPads and their “random” collection of misused vocabulary. If I was given the opportunity to go back in time, I would go to July 2014 ok thats not going back, but I am anticipating that July 2014 will be amazing. Anyway, I would go to the time when I was 32-ish. I was still high from not doing graduate school anymore, in second year of honeymoon phase at my new kick-ass job and I was probably single. The great thing about being new at a job is they have no idea what they hired (ha ha – joke’s on you, now you tell me I’m crazy) and they they are in testing phase. That’s not going back much either.

OK back to me – last year I ran a half marathon without training. Well, I ran about 8 or so miles the week before and within that quarter, I ran about 5 km about twice every 3 weeks. so I did do something. I also cycled 70km or so now and then. But that 22 km run kicked my ass. I was recovering for 2 weeks. After about a week, I was able to climb stairs without vocalizing. This is what being old is going to feel like – without doing the run.

I asked a friend to paint what they thought of me. This is not easy. But Susan is really creative.


This is what Susan thinks of me.

This painting – she explained shows Neunice’s sunny disposition (the sun). The red umbrella is my signature theme for my pics and I have thousands of red umbrella pics. Under my red umber-rella. The clouds are the rain bringing cumulonimbus clouds that bring water and growth to everything around them. Ha ha. Just kidding. The thunderstorm plus rain is the other disposition. Another friend explained “Eunice, a thunderstorm means you are a tempest. Like a bitch.” So I looked up the word tempest – and no, it does not mean bitch. It means a violent windy storm. Further correction from this friend was “you’re not windy. you’re like this wave sort of coming in and you don’t realise it’s a tsunami until it hits you and causes utter disaster.” He’s my ex. What can I say.

Birthday fortune cookie

Birthday fortune cookie


One comment

  1. I think the painting is great, I’d add some more flora and fauna to symbolize your complexity, maybe a jet in the sky as you are an avid traveller, perhaps a bottle of wine in the corner, and a camera somewhere too. 🙂

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