5 February – Closet catastrophe

Favourite quotes of the week:

Eunice – Hey hey hey hey Nicole, I need a sanity check. Do you have a second?”

Nicole as she zips past my office door – “NO. You’re insane.”


Mechealle after helping me sort my clothes into going or staying –  “You need to speak to someone. Anybody.”


Thanks for those that asked where my post was! I was hoping I could get away without one this week. I was asked if i was excited about moving to Vienna. I find such questions hard to answer because I would need to evaluate how I feel vs some baseline. Either way – I have too much to do to get excited. I am just going through the moving motions. I do know that when I get off that plane in Vienna I will definitely have some volatile emotions. Based on past experience, they are likely ranging from:

  • Oh My Gosh, am I crazy???!!!!!!!!
  • What was I thinking?
  • Hellllp!!
  • Im totally gonna ROCK Vienna. I GOT THIS!

I can’t predict the future so we’ll just have to wait and see. My future boss asked me if I wanted a desktop (they make those?) or a laptop. I love this guy already! I wonder if its too late to say I need a desktop. Can’t take that sucker home….or anywhere else for that matter. So I will have  a LOT of time to be Eunice.

In the absence of any reliable data, I will make some guesses on what I will and will not miss about the US and what I am looking forward to and not looking forward to in Vienna.

I will not miss American-style air-conditioning. Why do I feel cold in the winter and cold in the summer? I get seasonal depression syndrome in June.

What I will miss about the CT/US:

  • NOT having to deal with second-hand smoke. I may need to go to parties in different countries. Austria is atrocious with its barely existent no-smoking policy.
  • Ultra-friendly customer service. CT is horrible at this compared to NYC and Boston in my experience, but I anticipate Vienna to be like CT on a good day. Twenty-four hour customer service. Life can be handled on the phone (except DMV – that can barely be handled in person.)
  • Being a complete slacker, unreliable friend and getting away with it. I hear the Germans expect that if you commit to a time and place, all you have to do is show up (Austrians/Germans – I expect they are the same and hope none of my friends in AT/DE read this blog). My attitude of “it’s negotiable still to the last minute in case something more interesting comes up” will not fly. African-time wont fly too. Maybe I make friends with Italians – I hear they are worse.
  • Space e.g. closet space
  • Places not crowded by people and tourists. You can go hiking in remote places here. (However, NYC is horrible if you don’t know where to go.”
  • Shopping on Sunday
  • English Television
  • My friends. Yes….I DO have friends. I also know I now have to feed myself (or not). I  will miss home-cooked meals I don’t have to make myself (Susan, Patricia, Lu, Elaine). Cycling buddy John. Natalie, I will have to find someone as kind as you and Magnus to help me out with the light bulbs, faucet, lawn mower (ha ha). Cornelia, how am I going to get new scarves?? Places I crash at when I don’t feel like sleeping in my own house (Susan, Mechealle)
  • My creative writing group. I have spend almost every Thursday night for 5 hours with the Fairfield Scribes for the last 3 plus years (Rob x3, Carolyn, Peter, Preston, Teresa). How am I ever going to finish writing my second book without them?
  • I will miss Friday nights in winter painting while drinking red wine at Susans

Last Eunice paint production. Thank goodness I actually have a real job.

Looking forward to:

  • Learning a new language.
  • I’ll be living in the middle of a major world city. I mean…does it get better? I’m not going to know what to do with myself…for a year. I’m going to go nuts.
  • Taking the train to work. I used to commute on the T in Boston, it was great. Driving is OK but you never have any train stories like “Oh my gosh – do you know what happened on my way to work…?”
  • NO SHOVELLING snow. That’s just obnoxious. Like today for instance – 12 inches followed by rain, followed by freezing rain followed by snow followed by my tears as I shoveled followed by sweat followed by tears of joy when my neighbour Ken materialized and used a snow-blower. Heart of gold, he’s a life saver. Hope Viennese people are kind and helpful. I hear not – but thats from the Germans. It will be New Jersey vs New York all over again.

On a procrastination break. Car stuck at bottom. I will miss nothing in this picture. Not even the trash cans.

  • Lots of Culture. Arts, music – and more global. I was in Vienna and a colleague took me to a Zimbabwean acapella group. Who’d’ve thunk?

South African singer in Zimbabwean acapella band in Vienna which sang no songs in Shona (main language in Zim). I understand the Europeans like the clicks which Shona doesn’t have. Oh well, I understood none of the singing but it was FUN!

  • Culture of less is more. Smaller grocery stores, no Walmarts, Super Stop and Shop and their 72 brands of cereal (for example). It will de-Americanizes me a little. Maybe I don’t shop all year. Smaller closets?
  • More cosmopolitan. OK. I can explain. There are people from everywhere. If I said I am from Zimbabwe, I doubt I will get asked what continent that’s on. Having said that – in my few visits to Vienna, it’s as white as a Norwegian in April.  I met some Zimbabweans, but I usually avoid Zimbos as much as possible because the network is so tight. People make things up. Last I heard I had two kids. Waiting for my mom to ask me about it.
  • Whole new shoe shopping experience. Different styles, trends. Like heaven.
  • Country diversity within arms reach. I can be in Germany in about 3-4 hours (well ok, theres not much difference); Prague in 3 hours, Budapest in 2 hours, Venice in 5 hours, Paris in 11 hours and the rest I can fly to in less than 2 hours. 52 weekends….how will I manage??????
  • Whole new photographic experiences. I think this is what heaven is – minus the smoking.
  • I can be in Zimbabwe in 11 hours by plane…I can go home for a weekend!!!!!

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