26 January – Shoeology

COUNTDOWN: 8 weeks till I leave US; 5 weeks until the movers arrive.

Anybody wondering why I am writing this blog and not doing something else? But this was packing weekend and I realized that I have a LOT of stuff for one person. Maybe it seems this way because the task is rather daunting for one person. I started by categorizing into:

  1. Cant live without (such as my bikes, shoes – most of them, camera and some recipe books)
  2. Give away to my family
  3. Give away to charity
  4. Give away to friends
  5. Sell
  6. Throw away

Then I realized that I have a lot of shoes. The problem, or reason being that I am into waaaaay too many things. I end up with a number of activity-specific shoes.

For example, when you absolutely don’t have or want to do anything. This is the stay at home, light a fire, read a book, write a book, please-don’t-ask-me-to-do-or-go-anywhere-today-because-I’ll-say-I’m-busy. Maybe also known as my “me time” shoes. I can lounge, procrastinate on procrastinating, catch up on TV, think about stories I want to write. Texts my friends and catch-up. FYI – if never-ending texting irritates you, a quick way to get people off text is to say – let me just call you and…wait for it….the string of excuses of why they can only call maybe next Friday (i.e. not anytime soon)…followed by me pumping fist into the air “Yes!” and tossing my phone somewhere out of reach but still enjoying comfy shoes.


Then there are the shoes you wear when you absolutely “have to be out”. This is what I consider the exercise category. I should use them more often. I was a runner at school. I did both long and short but I think I am genetically a long distance runner. I would run cross-country so fast just so I could get it over and done with as quickly as possible. I found it unbelievably boring. I also had to win because if I didn’t, I would need to explain to way too many people “why, what happened?” so winning avoided unnecessary and undesirable explanations. In my “old age” I’ve taken a little to running – weather permitting. I’m looking forward to running the Vienna (Austria, not Virginia) marathon. But – curb your enthusiasm, it’s only the relay. I was given the 6 km slot. Probably can’t do much damage. Last year I ran a half marathon without training and yes…I was in a lot of pain  for a lot of weeks. So I think I can do 6km. It’s also currently 6 degrees fahrenheit so hanging out outside – No bueno. I could go to the gym, but I don’t go to the gym in January because I may be mistaken for a New Year’s Resolutioner – that’s soo lame. My pink trail runners took me to Machu Picchu on the Inca trail. I should probably use them more. Or maybe I frame them in memory of my epic journey in the valley of the Incas. Then there are my bike shoes. Thanks to Lisa B, she got me into biking last year. Yes, and she also got me walking the Inca trail. I blame a lot of my sporty entertainment on her. I’ve cycled over 700 miles in those. No, not at the same time! I did 100 miles without much training. Ha – never thought anyone could sit on a bike for so long. In case anyone is wondering, they match the bike (and helmet and pink biking jersey). I have not included the court shoes (racquetball, tennis, squash), field hockey cleats, football/soccer cleats – because I can’t find them. No, I haven’t empties all shoe portals yet. Sigh…


Then there are the shoes I would be wearing  if I didn’t have a job. Ok, let’s say I didn’t need one. Maybe I need to find a job that lets me wear these every day without too much drama. Currently the dress code at work is “dress for your day”. Clearly subject to interpretation.


For those that are wondering – they are not even close to being the same shoe!

Last but not least – I have fun sometimes. Now, living about an hour from Manhattan, 45 minutes from Gun Wavin’ New Haven, 50 minutes from Hartford, 50 minutes from Stamford, I choose Manhattan. I think there is more to do there. I’m now a good tourist guide for my usually European friends…depending on what they are interested in. I’ll do anything you can walk to, eat at, hangout at. Museums, I’m not sure. It’s hard to pace people in a museum. In my polka dots, my car was towed somewhere on 23rd and its not fun to try and figure out whether your car has been towed or stolen. New York’s ludicrous alternate parking rules where you have to guess where to park without being towed. Mechealle – another adventure for us, though not fun in 4 inch (10cm)  brand NEW heels. Genius.




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