6 and 12 January – Stuck in The Dominican Republic

The weather in the DR is AMAZING! At least I was stuck there. Jet Blue service during this experience was atrocious. No class at all, a hot mess.

1 Jan – arrived in DR

6 Jan – at airport planning on checking in to return to NYC

6 Jan – was informed flight was cancelled and so we rebooked for 12 Jan out of different airport leaving at 2:30 am!

6 Jan – we return to the resort and rebooked for an extra 5 nights (yes, no vouchers from Jet Blue to pay for this). My boss was understanding (also known as rational), my friend was not so lucky. She sounds like she works for a 5-year-old. I was concerned about some obligations at work, but once we rearranged a few things – I could enjoy the extra days.

7-9 Jan – worked half days (8 am-12) and then vacated the rest of day

10 Jan – ran out of clothing

11 Jan 11:55 pm – at airport – flight delayed by 3 hours

12 Jan 5:30 am – about to board when pilot comes out of plane and says there is fog

12 Jan 7:30 am – flight cancelled. Pilots exceeded their FAA limits for staying awake or whatever. I’m not a mathematician but if we had left at 5:30, on a 3.5 hour flight, they would have exceeded this limit before we landed in New York. Just sayin’.

12 Jan 8:00 am – picked up luggage and rebooked on a flight at 6:30pm that day

12 Jan 6:30 pm – after 18 hours of waiting at Santiago airport, I was on the flight.

13 Jan 1:30 am – in bed

13 Jan 8:00 – In a meeting at work. At lunchtime, worked to convince people that I didn’t make this all up so I could have a longer vacation! Failed dismally at trying to persuade them that I was actually concerned about the extension.

But when life gives you lemons, get bananas.


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