18 January – Book Reading

The time period is 2008 in Zimbabwe. Inflation was at an all-time high at 89 sextillion percent and the exchange rate was 2.7 billion US$ to the Zim$. To add the existing HIV/AIDS problem, there was a cholera outbreak that affected over 10 thousand people. The story is written from the point of view of Farai. He is 10 years old and he is sent to his uncle in the city to help him buy seeds and fertilizers for his mother. He bumps into 2 streetkids who take him under their wing and promise to help him. Ultimately, the book portrays Zimbabwean culture and experiences during this very difficult time.

I’ve been writing a book for a long time now. A long looong time. I finally finished the first draft and now the hard work. I used this as an excuse to get people together at my house and force them to hear about my book. I jumped on an idea to do an “art” silent auction and raise money for The Avielle Foundation. Jeremy Richman lost his daughter in the December 2012 Sandyhook shooting.I am blessed to have such great friends. We raised just over $1400 in a 4 hour evening. Below are some of the pictures put up for auction.


Eunice – Red Umbrella

Hagia Sofia

Eunice – Turkey on Thanksgiving


Bernhard – Village


Bernhard – Brooklyn Bridge


Bernhard – L’etoile blanche


Jeremy – Tree of Life



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