1 January 2014: BANG ON! NYC

  • New Year’s resolution #1 – Live like my life depends on it – CHECK so far
  • New Year’s resolution #5 – travel to three new countries – Dominican Republic – CHECK (2 to go)

This new year started on a high note – figuratively speaking. Bang On! NYC held an event in some warehouse/old factory in Brooklyn. Awesome crazy perfect new years eve. Being around with a bunch of New Yorkers is always entertaining. What a riot. We left early morning to get to my bags so I could get to the airport in time for my nine o’clock flight. Mechealle and I landed in Puerto Plata in the Dominican republic early afternoon and I was checked in STILL in party clothes and party bracelets by3pm ( I didn’t have scissors). By the time I went to bed at 3am, I had gone 43 hours without sleeping. I did a series of FIRSTS on this trip.

First time I had:

  1. Spent more than 4 days at a beach place (that I remember)
  2. Swam in the ocean without knowing the water was salty – didn’t taste/swallow any
  3. Worn a bikini
  4. Gone longer than 43 hours without sleeping
  5. Stayed at an all inclusive beach resort (I was in Mombasa once with a school team, I don’t remember how that worked)
  6. Packed a tripod and not used it
  7. Taken antibiotics (amoxicillin for persistent cold/bronchitis/flu/cough interfering with my vacation/who knows). Cute doctor said no alcohol with antibiotics. This tablet is like a drug cookie and is so big, and twice a day – so probably crappy PK. I decided I could squeeze in a drink or so somewhere during the elimination phase no problem. I ignored the other reasons why EtOH may be a problem. But wine with dinner couldn’t hurt.  Then at some point I googled my hypothesis and the antibiotics still worked really well


New Years Eve, NYC. That's when they "Launched the Rocket"

New Years Eve, NYC. That’s when they “Launched the Rocket”

Arrived in Puerto Plata, still in party clothes

Arrived in Puerto Plata, still in party clothes

Whats a beach without a palm tree

Whats a beach without a palm tree – a not real beach


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